The summer season may be over but there is still plenty for to look forward to. We’re looking forward to 2020 as the year that the Olympics go to Tokyo and the US will see a new presidential election. At a more individual level, however, you might be hoping to go on a holiday or two! For a superb summer holiday to remember 2020 by, we recommend that you visit Crete.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose holiday villas in Crete in 2020…

Cultural Destination

If you love exploring culture, history, and heritage while abroad, then you will absolutely adore Crete. From ruins to castles, quaint villages to fishing towns, you can find it all here. Explore ancient Minoan culture and learn about myths, magic and legends on this phenomenal Greek Island.


A holiday on the sumptuous island of Crete doesn’t have to be an adventurous exploration of every grand mountain and underground lake, it can be a time for relaxation. With miles and miles of golden beaches and turquoise waters you can sunbathe to your heart’s content, but if you don’t fancy the sand between your toes (and everywhere else), book one of our houses with pools in Crete to recline beside instead.

Environmentally Beautiful

From the White Mountains to its sparkling shores, Crete’s landscape is certainly inspiring. Whether you’re hitting the road with a morning jog, climbing hills or taking the tour bus – there’s so much that’s environmentally beautiful in Crete. If you’re a particularly adventurous cycler, you should be trying out an adventure holiday in Crete.

Terrific Wildlife

From loggerhead turtles to eagles and lizards, wildlife is in abundance on the isle of Crete. You can find endangered species native to the island, and an abundance of flora that blossoms in spring. We’re also famous for our olives, so why not take a tour on one of our many orchards and better understand the process that makes our olives so tasty.

Epicurean Feasts

You can’t leave without partaking in some of our Cretan cheese, honey and olive oil. Goat and lamb are also popular here so expect to find some dishes with a difference – perfect for those adventurous souls! If it’s true that we eat with our eyes, then where you eat should also be important, but you won’t have any trouble finding an utterly delectable taverna to spend an evening in Crete.

If you’re ready to make your 2020 look a little brighter with a summer holiday, book your villa in Crete with us soon. There’s so much more here for you to uncover. If you have any questions regarding our villas or the island, speak to our lovely team of experts who will be more than happy to help.