With so many books available on the market, how many should you buy, and which ones? In this blog, we talk about some of the best books to come out of 2019 so far and which are perfect for your stay in one of our holiday villas in Crete.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf - Marlon James

This is the first book of what will hopefully become a trilogy and is very highly regarded by casual readers and critics alike. If you’ve come to Crete because you can’t get enough of our brilliant myth and legend attractions, then you might enjoy a dip into James’ fantastical take on African mythology too.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf is a story about a mismatched group trying to track a child who has been missing for three years, but it is also much more than that. Intricately connected to African mythology, this first novel is quite complicated, with some readers considering it to be too convoluted and meandering, but others claiming that it was the book they never knew they needed until they picked it up.

This book might not be for everyone, and its content can be considered quite graphic and intense; if you’re looking for a tame novel to read before bed, this isn’t it.

On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous - Ocean Vuong

If you like to enjoy a relaxing read on holiday, then this might be the book for you. The way in which the author of this book crafts language is truly striking; befitting of a book which chases emotional truths and difficult situations.

There is much to be learned and felt from this book; it’s one of those where you’ll love to pour over the pages so trying to read it in stolen moments between work or chores can be difficult. Take it with you on holiday if you want to give this book the time it deserves.

From this book, you can expect a lot of self-reflection, historical recollections and emotional exploration.

Ninth House - Leigh Bardugo

A fantasy-thriller sure to bewilder and excite in equal proportions, this book doesn’t release until October 1st 2019, so you might want to save it for an autumn holiday read. Ninth House is Leigh Bardugo’s first venture into adult fiction, and the beta-readers confirm that she doesn’t disappoint with this, her latest book.

A deadbeat protagonist is offered a chance at a new life in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Having recently survived an unsolved multiple homicide, she snatches the deal with both hands, but you will have to read the book when it’s released to discover the catch.

The Institute - Stephen King

Perhaps you don’t feel like taking a gambit on an unknown author during your precious holiday week, but if you stick with world-renowned authors such as Stephen King you’ll be sure to have a holiday full of good reading.

Commonly placed in horror, fiction and thriller, this book will be published on September 10th 2019 – a fantastic half-term holiday read if you want to stay ahead of popular literature trends. This novel follows an individual who is kidnapped following the murder of his parents. The situation soon spirals into a strange mystery as he is taken to the Institute where children are imprisoned and forced to display their psychic talents.

The Guest Book - Sarah Blake

If you’re looking for a book which suggests island culture and rich history with disturbing family secrets, The Guest Book is the one for you.

This is a tale told in three parts, spanning three generations tied together by a location, a family, and a secret or two. If you’re interested about literature that explores the meaning and characters of a distinct place and humanity reads them, this novel will enlighten you.


There are plenty of fantastic new releases in 2019, of which the above are just a few. If you enjoy the highly-esteemed Philip Pullman’s work, then you might enjoy The Book of Dust, alternatively if you’re in need of more sci-fi books on your list, then you should look for a copy of Tehlor Mejia’s We Set the Dark on Fire. Whatever you like to read, we’re sure that our luxury villas in Crete are the perfect place to start your next literary adventure.