When it comes to family holidays, there is no better way to get the true experience than by renting a villa. Holiday destinations like Crete are full of so many wonderful things to see and do; to stand even a fighting chance of being able to tick everything off your to-do list, your choice of accommodation is going to need to be as convenient as possible.

This is where villas step in. A villa has everything a family needs to enjoy a fantastic trip away – no hassle or fuss – in such convenient locations throughout major cities and popular holiday destinations. We’ve outlined just some of the reasons why we believe a villa is the perfect choice for a family getaway. 

Keep Costs Down

First and foremost, when you consider the costs of a family holiday, a villa will work out to be infinitely more cost-effective. Villas can accommodate incredibly large families at no extra cost, compared to having to book several rooms in a hotel to squeeze everybody in. With all the money you’ll save on accommodation, you’ll have more to spend on activities and experiences for you and your family.

Home Away from Home

Unless you’re splashing out for luxury, you’re unlikely to be blown away by the homeliness of a hotel room – in fact, many are likely to just be a plain room with a bed and a shower. A villa, however, has everything you need to kick back and relax, allowing you to feel like you’re right at home in a different country.

There’s no need to worry about over-packing. You can rent a villa that includes everything you have at home, including a washing machine, so you don’t have to worry about trying to make your limited clothes supply last the entire trip.

Are your little ones fussy eaters? No problem! With a villa, you can prepare homemade snacks or full meals at your convenience to accommodate any fussiness or serious allergies. Eating out in restaurants is, of course, part of the holiday experience, but you may not necessarily want to do this every day. A villa provides your family with your own personal kitchen to enjoy home-cooked food at your leisure. You could even try your hand at cooking some local cuisine, with the food shops to get your ingredients right on the doorstep.

Easier to Socialise

A villa essentially becomes a temporary home, a hub for the whole family to be together. Without the restrictions of separate hotel rooms, villas create the perfect ambiance for family time and socialising. Everyone is always in one place and can relax together in a comfortable environment, whether that’s beside the pool, on the terrace or in the living room. With the convenience of a villa, you’ll be able to enjoy more time together as a family.

Personalised for the Family

No family is the same. Everyone has their own needs, preferences and requirements, and it can be difficult to accommodate everyone in the family when staying in a hotel. At Pure Crete, we have so many wonderful villas available, we’re certain you’ll find something to make your family’s stay in Crete as amazing as possible.

You can pick your ideal location, with your ideal view and even your ideal type of villa. Everything you need to enjoy your holiday will be included in one of our villas. For your next Crete villa holiday, take a look at our luxury villas today.