Crete is an island full of charming culture, friendly locals and great discoveries to be had. With beautiful weather, stunning locations and a relaxing Mediterranean culture, it’s easy to see why Greek island holidays are becoming increasingly popular.

Crete is Europe’s southernmost island and it’s a haven for families. If in doubt about how you should spend your day (because trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice), you can always take the children to one of Crete’s mesmerising beaches. For those days where you’re determined to do something different, we have compiled a fun list of family-friendly activities that the kids will both love and remember.

  • 1. Acqua Plus Water Park

    The sea is a natural wave machine, but nature doesn’t provide your kids with heart-racing water slides, snack kiosks and cafés. The Acqua Plus Water Park does all that and more. The Lazy Booze Bar, offering a quick tipple between the sun and slides, is sure to keep the parents happy, too.

    Unlike the beach, you don’t have to worry so much about protecting your cash. Acqua implements a cashless system where all guests are equipped with an electronic waterproof wristband. This wristband tracks the user’s expenditure and all bills are paid upon your exit of the park. Children’s wristbands are capped at €12, so you don’t even have to think about fetching the kids their ice creams; they can do it themselves.

  • 2. Amazonas Park

    No trip to Crete is complete without a visit to the Amazonas Park. The nature reserve is home to a range of animals including donkeys, but its focus is on the protection of endangered parrots and parakeets. Alongside the chance to meet some of the reserve’s birds, the park is also home to lemurs and monkeys which can be fed by visitors, if you are willing to pay an extra €3 for their food. With an entrance fee of €10, the Amazonas park is a fantastic opportunity to teach your children about nature and animals, all situated within Crete’s rolling hills.

  • 3. The Little Fun Train

    The Little Fun Train does what it says on the tin. It’s a cute motorised train rolling over Cretan roads and providing the ultimate tourist experience. With several different routes for you to book, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy The Little Fun Train time and time again, seeing a new and exciting part of Crete with each journey.

    The Blue Lagoon route is a favourite, given its semi-coastal route which allows for views of Crete’s shoreline during parts of your drive. View the vibrant Cretan village of Platanias, and continue onto the riverbanks of Iardanos, later driving through sumptuous orange groves before reaching the natural sanctuary, Lake of Agia.

  • 4. Dinosauria Park

    A relatively new addition to the island, Dinosauria Park is an interactive adventure for the whole family. With over fifty moving dinosaur models, it’s a great way to learn more about the Mesozoic Era and hosts Greece’s first 5D cinema; an experience that’s sure to impress your kids.

    The park is open from 10 am till 6 pm, with age 4-12 tickets costing €8, adults (12+) costing €10, and all kids under 4 and disabled viewers are given free entry.

  • 5) Mini Golf

    No family holiday is complete without a mini golf tournament, and fortunately, Crete’s largest mini golf course is available in Sissi Port. One great thing about Sissi Mini Golf is its location; situated next to the beach you will never be too far from the sea, and the sunset is fantastic.

    In addition to mini golf, there are also pool tables and a kids’ play area. Entry is €6 per person, making Mini Golf our cheapest activity on this list.

Whatever activities are on your agenda for your next family holiday, why not consider making one of our villas in Crete your touchstone. Fill your days with fun and end them in luxury.


Acqua Plus Water Park

Amazonas Park (English language version available via drop down menu)

The Little Fun Train

Dinosauria Park

Mini Golf