In the midst of all the excitement for your upcoming trip with the girls, it can be easy to get lost in the holiday hysteria and forget those ultimate essentials for your Crete holiday. Once you’ve booked and secured your flights and holiday villa in Crete, it’s time to get ready to pack.

That’s why we’ve designed your ultimate list of what to pack!

1. Passport

It may seem like we’re completely stating the obvious here but you’d be shocked at how many girl groups arrive at the airport only to find out that one has left their passport on the kitchen side or decided to swap handbags at the last minute and it’s been left in the cast off! Check once, twice, three times even! You can’t be over-cautious about your passport.

2. European Adapter

There’s nothing worse than trying to charge your phone, camera, and iPad or Kindle when there’s only one adapter between five of you! Be sure to purchase and pack your own adapter before you leave for the airport – nobody wants to see the last 5% battery on their phone midway through the morning!

3. Bikinis – plural

If you’re going for one week, take a minimum of two bikinis. You don’t want to be putting on a bikini the next morning still damp from the previous pool day! Get organised with your swimwear. Ensure you’ve packed enough for the beach days, water parks and night time pool parties and foam parties! Water park? Did someone say waterpark?! Plan a day to one of Crete’s fun-filled parks with our ‘Best water parks in Crete’ guide.

4. Flip-Flops & Sandals

Ditch the heels and save the space ladies! Nobody in Crete bothers with heels in the day or the evening. It is, however, essential that you pack a few pairs of flip-flops and sandals and at least one pair that’s suitable for a bit of walking should you venture out to see the sights of Crete.

5. Pool Float

Okay, so maybe not a huge essential, but just picture this… you and your girls chilling in your Crete villa with a pool, bobbing around the glistening waters on your giant flamingo with a strawberry daiquiri. That’s Insta-fame right there! Trust us, no matter how old you are, the amusement that comes with a pool float never fades!

6. Spending Money

Although, you won’t need a lot! A girls’ holiday to Crete wouldn’t be complete without one night in the all famous Malia. But with shots at €1, you’ll be sure to have a great night on minimum spends. There’s an array of club nights, pub crawls and party boats to choose from and you don’t want to be the only one missing out. Pack a little extra money for those ‘just in case’ days.

7. Sun Cream

At the height of summer, Crete can be a real scorcher. Be sure to pack enough sun cream to last the duration of your stay. The last thing you want is to end up in a Greek hospital with serious sun burn. Be smart; choose the right factor and right size for your holiday.

8. Insurance

Speaking of Greek hospitals, it’s not enough just to rely on your EHIC card, valid and thorough travel insurance is a must. Travel insurance is so affordable now and with plenty of comparison sites you can definitely bag yourself a great deal, but don’t risk going on your girls’ trip without it.

9. A Small Selection of Clothes

There really is no need to over pack for your Crete girly holiday. A selection of cover-ups for the day, a few dresses for the evenings and some short and t-shirts is really all that’s needed. Once you’ve got that Greek glow, minimum make-up is needed and then the only other accessory to worry about is a decent pair of sunglasses.

And there you have it – a ‘to the point’ guide on what to pack for your next girly holiday to Crete. If you’re still searching for a place to stay in Crete for your next girls’ holiday, Pure Crete has a selection of fabulous villas with pools to suit. Take a look at our villas suitable for groups and large families, or contact us now and speak to an expert.