The world is full of romantic destinations to whisk you and your loved one away and Crete should certainly be top of your list. This island offers everything you could imagine including natural beauty, amazing food, breathtaking architecture, and much more. Below we’ve put together a guide to the top areas in Crete for a romantic getaway.

Enjoy a Romantic Stroll in Rethymno

The town of Rethymno is considered one of the most well-preserved on the island and is dominated by stunning Venetian architecture to explore. One of the most stunning evening walks in all of Crete is along the fortress causeway. Stroll hand in hand whilst gazing at the stars then finish your evening by dining in one of the nearby, new and traditional Greek restaurants for dinner. You can enjoy fine food, sample local delicacies and enjoy a glass of ancient Cretan wine.

Relax on Balos Beach

If you want to escape to a tranquil spot without being surrounded by tourists, then a trip to Balos beach is the perfect escape. The journey there puts the majority of tourists off, so that leaves you with relaxing, peaceful surroundings where you can enjoy some time together without disturbance. This beach is arguably one of the most beautiful in all of Crete, with panoramic views and a lagoon that features almost white sand and turquoise waters; it’s pure paradise.

Escape to the Mountains

If you want to surround yourself with mountains, fresh air, and natural beauty, then a trip to the traditional village of Zaros is a perfect choice. Zaros is a small and traditional village that’s been left untouched and you’ll find traditional taverns, old stone cottages, stunning lakes, Byzantine monasteries and wonderful oak forests. Those seeking a little adventure can head to Agiou Nikolaou Gorge. It’s the perfect spot to spend some quality time together.

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