​An Autumn Escape to Crete


​​​​18th October 2017

Autumn in Crete is a splendid time of year. The warm weather is accompanied by a season of grapes, olives and chestnut harvesting while the village festivals celebrate the local harvests, with music, dancing and, of course, feasting. Crete blossoms into a delight of many beautiful wildflowers and interesting birds; it’s truly the perfect place to escape to – and very romantic too! Below we’ve listed some of the top things to do on an escape to Crete in autumn – your only issue is trying to squeeze them all in!

Go On An Adventure

The mild weather during autumn will tempt you to discover many island secrets that not all have found. You can stumble across a wide variety of fauna and flora and visit stunning mountainous villages, as well as those on the lowland. Take advantage of the beautiful hiking trails and mountaineering routes, or take an adventure across breathtaking ravines, such as the Kourtaliotiko Gorge and Samaria Gorge.

Join the Agricultural Activities

Whether you want to emerge yourself in the Crete lifestyle, or just try something different, you can get involved in many agricultural activities that begin when autumn arrives. You could help with olive picking by using any of a variety of age-old harvesting techniques and initiate yourself into the traditional art of extracting the oil. Wine lovers can rejoice and get involved in harvesting grapes to make wine, or go fruit picking and search for mushrooms and herbs. You could even take part in reaping and learn all about bee-keeping while you try your hand at a unique experience.

Indulge in Cretan Cuisine

Why not enjoy the procedure of ‘raki’ making in cauldrons, joining one of the cauldron feasts? It’s a wonderful experience that evolves into a traditional celebration in which you can taste local produce and learn about processes by which they were made in the agritourism farms on the island. The traditional Cretan cuisine is always based on fresh produce of the current season and that’s what makes it even more delicious – not to mention nutritious!

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