We recently wrote a holiday book guide for the girls, advising them on some of the best books to take away with them with summer. We waded through the thousands of titles that are available in the shops ATM, and narrowed the choice down to 4 fun and interesting reads. We included romance, thrillers and a biographical read – so there was something to suit everyone.

We can’t leave the boys out though, so we thought we would do another holiday book guide, but this time specifically tailored to the guys. Sunbathing on a beach is the perfect opportunity to catch up with some reading, especially if you don’t usually get time to do so.

1. Invisible by James Patterson

We’re going to be honest here, you could probably pick up any James Patterson novel and it would make a brilliant summer read. However, we have chosen his 2014 hit book Invisible because it’s one of our favourites. This novel features FBI researcher Emma Dockery, who becomes obsessed in trying to find a link between hundreds of unsolved cases. Everyone thinks she’s crazy, and after taking leave from her job, she finds herself still trying to solve these different cases. Dozens of murders, rapes and kidnappings have been recorded, and all of them have no motive, murder weapon or suspect – are they committed by the same person like Emma thinks?

If you like a good mystery, then this one is for you! It keeps you guessing until the very end.

2. Acts of the Assassins by Richard Beard

This novel was released in March of this year, and has already become a favourite for those looking for a holiday read to keep them entertained. Gallio does counter-insurgency, until he loses his job after a body that he is in charge of disappears. Years later, the case is reopened when a second body appears, and Gallio is called back to help out. He needs to track down everyone who was around the first time round – but he soon discovers that these people are all dying, in weird and gross ways.

This has been described as being strange but fantastic, and darkly controversial. We think it’s worth a read!

3.  The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom by Karl Pilkington

This book was released back in 2013, but if you haven’t read it already, it’s well worth a read! You have probably watched him on TV, but now you can also read about the misadventures of Karl Pilkington. It follows Karl as he sets off on a series of adventures around the world, hoping to find out how different cultures ponder some of lives biggest issues. From delivering a baby in Bali, to having plastic surgery in LA – will Karl discover the meaning of life?

This book is laugh out loud funny, so prepare to get a few funny looks when reading it on a public beach! Well worth it though!

4. The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy

The Dead Lands is a post-apocalyptic thriller that is set in a world where a super flu and nuclear fallout has pretty much wiped out the whole of human existence. Those who are still alive, live in communities that are protected by military defence and fear mongering leaders. One day, someone appears from beyond their walls, giving them hope that there is somewhere else to go. She also warns them of the danger of the outside, including people who are enslaving survivors that are found. A few set off in secret, but the leaders of their gated community are not ready to let them go without a fight.

This is a brilliant thriller that is driven by the fantastic writing by Percy! It’s well worth reading – you will be drawn in by the fascinating characters and unbelievable twists.

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