Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote this blog as an instruction manual for ensuring that your holiday was as relaxing as possible. Well, we thought it was high time that we revisit this thread in order to further address one of the things people find most difficult to leave behind… work!


First step in doing anything well is planning, so as soon as you know when you’re going away, work on a plan to get you ahead before leaving. Whether this is by delegation or late nights, it is a must and will ensure that your work finishes when you do.

Prep Your Team to Cover You

Going away without leaving behind a properly prepared team is a recipe for disaster and can lead to your holiday being constantly interrupted by calls. Leaving a team who can cover your tasks and calls means that you will be left well alone to relax.

Let Your Clients Know When You Are Away

If you have your own clients who rely on your input, then it is a good idea to let them know that you are going away and give them an alternative contact. As well as helping them out, this ensures that they will still be there when you return from your break.

And if You Really Have to Work?…

For the self employed or those in smaller industries it can be impossible to completely leave your work behind but this needn’t mean that your relaxing holiday is a bust. Simply budget some time each day or every several days in order to take care of work. Early afternoon or siesta time is usually perfect as you will generally be indoors anyway.

So if you are a workaholic in desperate need of a holiday then take our advice, we didn’t become leading providers of villa holidays in Crete without learning a thing or two about relaxation.