​Visit Crete – When and Why


​​​​27th August 2014

Are you looking to book your next holiday to the beautiful island of Crete and are unsure as to which time is best for your trip? Here at Pure Crete we know that Crete is stunning and full of charm all year round, but you might want to come at the best time for you to visit.

Summer in Crete

This has to be arguably the best time ever to visit this idyllic island as everything is in full bloom! The weather is at its peak with soaring temperatures of 30 degrees and basically no rain at all! The tourism trade is in full flow and with a county full of happy travelling people the atmosphere is electric.

If you are looking for some ideas for what to do in Crete, read our blog post about inexpensive holiday activities, or you could go animal spotting and discover the wonders of Cretan creatures.

Autumn in Crete

Autumn in Crete is just like summer, but you might need a light jumper in the evening to put up with that night time chill, and unfortunately the days get a little shorter. Luckily the strong summer winds have died down and the day time temperatures still hover around 20 – 28 degrees too!

The main attraction of Crete for most tourists is the beautiful ever-constant turquoise sea. In the autumnal months, when the water gets a little rough its colour may change from dark blue to a grey-green, but fear not as its stunning colour returns soon enough.

The cooler weather in autumn may be better for those who are interested in spending their days shopping, if you want any advice on shopping read the alternative shopping experience blog. Sound like the perfect time for your holiday?

Christmas in Crete

Crete has its winter period around the same time, if not later, than we do here in the UK, December -February, so if you fancy Christmas in Crete you’re not going to experience the coldest (if you can call it that) weather Crete has to offer. December weather in Crete is still in the double figures and in 2013 it hit peaks of 18 degrees! So if you fancy spending your Christmas day hanging out by the pool then this might be the perfect time to visit Crete.

Crete villas are also Santa Claus-friendly, so he can still visit, providing you have been good.

Cretans are very family-orientated and spend Christmas day together dining on their own version of Christmas dinner. This is usually roast lamb, pork or turkey without any of the usual festive trimmings. Lamb cooked with egg and lemon sauce is a traditional meal of Crete and is called Fricassee. ‘Christopsomo’ (Christ bread) are large sweet loaves that are placed on the table along with Christmas biscuits, ‘Melomakarana’ and ‘Kourabiedes’.

Does this sound like your kind of holiday?

Spring in Crete

Crete blossoms over the months of April and May and walking events are scheduled to admire and appreciate the beauty of Crete blooming! The days elongate over these months with May having around 8 hours of sun a day, and temperatures rise up to around 24 degrees! The sea temperature across these months is around 19 degrees so it’s still an amazing place to go have a dip! We love spring in Crete that much we even have a dedicated page to it for you to read and enjoy.

If you are looking for a holiday away in Crete any time of year, contact us here at Pure Crete on 01444 880 404 to organise your idyllic holiday.