​Quench Your Cretan Thirst


​​​​18th March 2014

One of the most exciting factors of going on holiday is experiencing another culture, and the best way to do that is to eat and drink what is on offer locally. Of course the super markets will sell English comforts but if you don’t at least try the traditional beverages of the land then you will surely be missing out. Now, in a previous blog ‘A Taste of Crete’, we shared all the amazing cuisine that Crete has to offer, but that isn’t all of it; here is a guide to the brilliant beverages of Crete.


Perhaps the most famous drink in Crete is Tsikoudia and it is not to be confused with ouzo which is mainly consumed in mainland Greece. So what is it? Tsikoudia is a spirit that has been created from the distilled leftovers of wine-production. This alcoholic drink is exceptionally strong with a general alcoholic content of 45 – 55% so be careful not to drink too much! Many Cretan families distil their own Tsikoudia at home.


It’s safe to say that Crete is not a famous wine manufacturer, but there are some fabulously unique wines to try on this gorgeous island. Typically wine is served chilled in short, unstemmed wine glasses. House wine found in the local tavernas is usually sold by the litre or half litre. Much of Cretan red wine tastes and looks more like sherry rather than the deep full-bodied reds that you may be used to.


If you’re after a refreshing drink that isn’t your typical soft drink, try some of the native Grecian sodas and fizzy drinks that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. They are certainly different to what you’ll find at home and are wonderfully sweet and cooling.


Water may not be the most exciting drink in the world, but staying hydrated on holiday, especially in a hot climate, is extremely important. As a visitor to Crete it is helpful to know that the tap water on Crete is safe to drink, however bottled water is readily available from supermarkets and restaurants.

So if you’re ready to taste all that Crete has to offer and quench your Cretan thirst then book your holiday with us today! Here at Pure Crete we specialise in Crete villa holidays so that you can enjoy luxury and explore the traditional heritage of this gorgeous Greek Island. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as our knowledgeable team are always happy to provide advice.